An interactive print campaign for Black Mirror

04-NF Bandersnatch S H St-41.jpg

Bandersnatch was Netflix’s first ever
interactive show. It’s a choose your own
adventure story, about a boy who designs
a choose your own adventure game.

To launch it, we turned the London
Underground network into a maze of
cryptic questions and statements
that made passers by question the
decisions they were making as they
moved through the space.

As commuters moved deeper into the tube
network, the posters became more subversive.

We suggested the existence of multiple realities
by referencing different routes they could have taken,
or different choices they could have made.

Different messaging was used at different locations.
For example, we referenced design and coding at
Old Street Station, and numbers and finance at Bank.

We took over Shoreditch High Street station,
and left instructions in the code that gave hints on
how to access different endings in the actual show.

To excite die hard fans, we even opened
up an 80’s style computer game shop,
packed full of Black Mirror memorabilia.

The campaign got a heap of press,
and was widely discussed on Twitter,
Reddit and other platforms.