A global platform for aid investment

In 2012 I was awarded a $100,000 grant
by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
through the Cannes Chimera initiative.

The idea was simple - to reframe the 0.7%
foreign aid target, by shifting the focus from
governments to countries as a whole.


We took the figure 0.7% and turned it into
a modern, flexible brand - that was able to coexist
with other businesses, brands and organisations.


At the heart of the campaign was a digital hub
that enabled people to donate 0.7% of their
income to a cause they felt passionately about.

After figuring out how much to donate and what
cause to support, the platform linked directly to a
relevant NGO to set up a monthly donation.

The hub also acted as an educational tool,
and championed those who already give 0.7%.

Role: Grant Winner & Creative Director (with Paul Calway)
With: Amanda Clelland & Future Buro