An app that
enriches everyday life

Carpe Diem Daily is a mobile based digital community that we created in collaboration with Nokia and The School of Life. Users were encouraged to complete daily tasks that were designed to spark imagination and nurture a growing curiosity of themselves and the world around them.

Daily tasks ranged from the thought provoking to the light-hearted; they took the form of a dose of wisdom, a witty insight, an interesting fact or a motivational challenge. Users could respond to different tasks in different ways, through writing, photography and video clips and were encouraged to upload their submissions to the online community.

The result was a vibrant, social hub of shared content and ideas. The platform helped
The School of Life to engage the public in meaningful issues in fun and creative ways and helped Nokia to showcase the power of their new operating system.


Role: Art Director & Copywriter
With: Paul Calway, Zaid Al-Zaidy, Tony Davidson
Agency: W+K London