Rugby World Cup | ITV
With no clear favourite to win and a real possibility of a northern hemisphere team taking the trophy, this year’s Rugby World Cup was impossible to predict.

So we created a deck of 20 bespoke tarot cards – one for each competing nation – designed to get people talking and speculating about who will come out on top.

Inspired by the visual culture and symbolism of each nation, as well as recent form on the pitch, the cards created a perfect springboard for conversation.

By the time the tournament kicked off, everyone was talking about them, from national newspapers to reddit threads to influencers and more. 
Far from being just an ad campaign, the cards formed a fully integrated visual system for their streaming service, ITVX.
The campaign was a huge success, with viewing figures far surpassing all previous Rugby World Cups. So far the tournament has been streamed 37 million times on ITVX, has reached 28 million viewers in total and 52% of men in the UK.