A new global positioning
for an old household name.

When most people think of Nokia, they think of retro
mobile phones. But in 2023, the core of their business
is cloud and networking infrastructure.

They needed a new global positioning and visual
system that distanced itself from it’s heritage and
reframed the role of networks in modern business,
from passive digital piping to active amplifiers of potential.

Our answer was the power of n – a beautifully simple
and infinitely scalable brand proposition, that could
be applied to any goal, issue, business or behaviour.

Our hero brand film doubled up as an entire visual
toolkit, used across film, OOH, press and social.

The subject matter was broad enough to be used
across different industries and services in different
ways, yet still retained the essence of what networks do,
amplifying the potential of everything they connect.


More than just a strapline or a campaign,
the power of n sits at the heart of everything
Nokia does as an organisation. 

It focuses it’s employees on a truly
meaningful goal – to provide services that
amplify the potential of humanity. 

“The power of n is the single most
important part of our entire rebrand”
– Pekka Lundmark, Nokia CEO